Collaboration Grants…

European Cultural Foundation

Deadline for applications: 25 March 2013
Collaboration Grants funds cross-sectorial organisations to
create artistic and cultural transnational activities
Europan Cultural Foundation (ECF) is looking for cross-border artistic and cultural projects by cultural organisations working together with organisations from outsidethe cultural sector to apply for our 2013 Collaboration Grants scheme.
Non-cultural partner organisations could be academic institutions, governmental bodies, commercial enterprises, or NGOs working in social development or the environmental sector – but it’s essential to include a partner organisation from outside the cultural sector when applying for a Collaboration Grant
ECF is interested in people working together with local communities on artistic and cultural projects that contribute to the ongoing debate on Europe and Europe’s place in the world. We’re also looking for projects that are sustainable over the long term – nurturing an on-going relationship that will last beyond the lifetime of the project.
ECF will be focusing on a new European community of practice that aligns with ECF’s priorities for 2013 – and we’ll be looking out for cross-cultural collaborations by cultural change-makers engaged in creative movements that are already happening across Europe and that deserve particular recognition.
Check out the ECF webpage for more information and to download our Collaboration Grants guidelines.
The deadline for applications is Monday, 25 March 2013.