CFP: deadline 2014



2014 Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium (1 jan)
Actualité de la recherche en histoire de l’art italien (1 jan)
Art Criticism Now (1 jan)
Arts of Display – Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art (1 jan)
Houses and Patricians in Mantua During the Early Renaissance, 1459-1524 (1 jan)
Ottoman Pasts, Present Cities: Cosmopolitanism and Transcultural
(1 jan)
The Sublime in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art (1 jan)
Call for Books on European Sculpture, 1250-1780 (4 jan)
Revue Histoire de l’art, n°74, printemps 2014 : figures du travail (4 jan)
Designs for the 2014 Fashion And Communication SYMPOSIUM (5 jan)
Heraldic artists and painters in the Middle Ages (5 jan)
Sources on Art Technology  (6 jan)
L’image en lumière : Histoire, usages et enjeux de la projection (6 jan)
Revue Techniques & Culture: Essais de bricolage (6 jan)
Revista rossio. estudos de Lisboa | N.º 3 e 4 (6 jan)
The Enlightened Image: History and Uses of Projection (6 jan)
Things to Remember: Materializing Memories in Art and Culture (7 jan)
Art on the Move in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (10 jan)
Exhibit A: Authorship on Display (10 jan)
Jacques Rancière and the Politics of A-disciplinarity (10 jan)
VIth Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics (12 jan)
11th Annual Symposium in 19th-Century Art (12 jan)
Eighteenth-Century Hospitalities   (13 jan)
Hanoverian Tercentenary, 300 Years of Hanoverian Monarchy (13 jan)
Les Peintres et la Première Guerre mondiale : commandes, productions, collections, vers une histoire comparative (14 jan)
All-over. Magazin fuer Kunst und Aesthetik, Nr. 6 (15 jan)
Collect, Exchange, Display: Artistic Practice and the Medical Museum (15 jan)
Sociopoétique du costume: costumes, habits et accessoires, entre vie sociale et fiction dans la France de l’âge classique (XVII – XVIIIe siècles) (15 jan)
Persona Journal, Issue: Experiments and Displacements (15 jan)
Port Cities in World History (15 jan)
The Gesamtkunstwerk: A Concept for All Times and Places (15 jan)
Revista Techne  (15 jan)
International Conference on Vernacular Heritage for Sustainable Architecture (15 jan)
Collegial Communities in Exile Conference:  New Histories of the Irish, English, Scots, Dutch, and Other Colleges Founded on the Continent in the Early Modern Period (17 jan)
Design and Resistance (17 jan)
MAI-Tagung 2014: museums and the internet (17 jan)
Marianne Werefkin and the Cosmopolitan Women Artists in her Circle / Grenzüberschreitungen: Marianne Werefkin und die kosmopolitischen Künstlerinnen in ihrem Umfeld (18 jan)
journal “View. Theories and Practices of Visual Culture”, issue 5 (20 jan)
Creating Nothing New Perspectives on the Faithful Copy 1300-1900 (20 jan)
George I – 300 Years On: Reconstructing the Succession (24 jan)
ReGeneration. Transfer Practices 1960/Today Interdisciplinary workshop (14 jan)
Exchanging Photographs, Making Knowledge (1890-1970) (26 jan)
Utopia and Dystopia in the French Landscapes and Cityscapes of the 1930s (30 jan)
The European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism Studies (30 jan)
The Twenty-Third Annual Parsons/Cooper-Hewitt Graduate Student Symposium on the Decorative Arts and Design (30 jan)
Internationales Doktorandenforum Kunstgeschichte des östlichen Europas / First International Forum for doctoral candidates in East European art history Berlin (30 jan)
5th ATINER Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts  (31 jan)
Critique d’art et nationalisme. Regards français sur l’art européen au XIXe siècle (31 jan)
E-Revista de Estudos Interculturais / E-Journal of Intercultural Studies  (31 jan)
Looking for Leisure. Court Residences and their Satellites, 1400-1700 (31 jan)
Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain Second Annual Graduate Student Research Forum (31 jan)
From the Roman Empire to Contemporary Imperialism (31 jan)



Antennae journal, issue: Multispecies Intra-actions (1 fev)
The Journal of Curatorial Studies. Issue: Curating and the affective turn (1 fev)
The English Urban Renaissance Revisited ( 1 fev)
German Wood: Material and Metaphor from Forest to Fireside and Beyond (7 fev)
MANIFESTATIONEN im Entwurf in Design, Architektur und Ingenieurwesen – eine interdisziplinäre Bestandsaufnahme (10 fev)
Charlemagne after Charlemagne 11th Annual Symposium of the International Medieval Society (10 fev)
Ages of the Book International Conference 2014 (14 fev)
Carlo Fontana (1638–1714), Celebrato Architetto (15 fev)
Christian Iconography in Modern Art (15 fev)
Eighth Conference of Iconographic Studies (15 fev)
Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference (15 fev)
On the future of (social) history of art – Art History Supplement, March 2014 (15 fev)
Performing Money. The Problematic of Performance Art and the Art Market (26 fev)
Art in Jewish Society  (28 fev)
RIHA-Journal, issue: Beyond boundaries (28 fev)



El Greco From Crete, to Venice, to Rome, to Toledo (1 mar)
4th ATINER International Conference on Architecture  (10 mar)
C18 Arts of Communication:  In Manuscript, In Print, in the Arts, and In Person (14 mar)
Bramante e l’architettura lombarda del Quattrocento (21 mar)
Museus, Utopia e Urbanidade (2013/2014) – MIDAS#N4  (31 mar)



VII Jornadas de Historia del Arte – El sistema de las artes (4 abr)
Feminism in the 21st Century: Art, Visibility, Diversity (15 abr)
Museums & Social Issues. A Journal of Reflective Discourse (21 abr)
PhD Colloquium “Designing for Exhibitions” (25 abr)
39e Colloque annuel du International Merleau-Ponty Circle : ADVERSITE ET CREATION (30 abr)



Microarchitecture and Miniaturized Representations of Buildings: Different Scales for Different Materials?  (1 mai)



The Journal of the Archives and Records Association. Issue: Visual arts archives (31 jul)



revue Sociétés & représentations (dossier : Villes mortes) (1 set)