2 Doctoral students, History & Theory of Architecture, ETH Zurich

Bereich: Doctoral Program
The program’s focus is on the history and theory of architecture and urbanism in a wider context of cultural history, including the history and theory of art, science and technology.
We are looking for junior researchers with a background in history and theory of architecture and art or architects with research experience. Suitable candidates hold a diploma or a Master’s degree acquired at university level in architecture, history of art or related fields.

The selected candidates will be enrolled at ETH Zurich. The position will start on October 1, 2015. The positions are available for a duration of 3 years.
Submission deadline: Februrary 15, 2015.

Applicants should include a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, 3 letters of recommendation, and an outline of their future research project.

PLEASE APPLY ONLINE, using the link provided on the ETH vacancies website: https://pub.refline.ch/845721/3538/++publications++/1/index.html (click on “Apply Now”)
Please address your application to: ETH Zurich, Mr. Matthias Steiger, Human Resources, 8092 Zurich.

For information about the program, the open positions and our departement, please refer to the FAQ below and visit our websites http://doctoral-program.gta.arch.ethz.ch/home , http://www.gta.arch.ethz.ch/home and http://www.arch.ethz.ch/. If you should have any other questions contact Dr. Nina Zschocke by e-mail nina.zschocke (@) gta.arch.ethz.ch (no applications).



– Could you give me some additional information about the doctoral program?
The Doctoral Program in History and Theory of Architecture at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich runs since October 2012. At least two scholarships are awarded each year.
The program’s focus is on the student’s independet thesis research. There are no preset research lines to be followed. The written dissertation should be handed in at the end of the residency. The degree earned is: Dr. sc. ETH Zürich.
All members of the doctoral program committee (i.e. all professors at gta) will co-supervise the students individual research in Graduate Colloquia, Methods Seminars and similar formats. One principle supervisor will be assigned before the end of the first year. (see section Application Precedure).

– I’ve graduated from university XYZ. Does my degree allow me to apply for a doctoral position at ETH?
As a prerequisite to start a doctorate, ETH Zurich demands a diploma or Master degree of a minimum of 270 ECTS (http://www.ethz.ch/doctorate/admission/index_EN; contact: Mr. Picariello Alfredo, alfredo.picariello (@) rektorat.ethz.ch).

– In which language is supervision available and in which language are courses taught?
Courses at ETH are taught in english or german, supervision for phd students is generally available in german and english (and possibly other languages such as french or italian, depending on the professors involved).

– Do I need to present a language certificate?
No, a language certificate is not required. However, we expect successful candidates to be able to follow – and participate in – discussions held in English and we strongly suggest to learn German during your stay at ETH. You should have an excellent competence in the language that you choose for writing your thesis.

– Should I apply in English or German?
Both languages are fine.

– What are the terms of employment?
The positions are available for a duration of 3 years. There will be an assessment at the end of the first year.
60% is the standard employment of doctoral students at ETH. However, the salary should be high enough to fully support you for the time of the employment. Individual adjustments will take into account professional experience, children etc.

– Is there a teaching assignment linked to the employment?
Generally, doctoral students should devote their full working time to their PhD research. However, if desired, they may assist in teaching one or two courses during their appointment.


– What is the exact deadline for applications?
Saturday February 15 2015, midnight, Zurich time.
You may still apply on the 15th untill 12 midnight, but please don’t wait until the very last minute as the system then tends to be less stable.

– May I arrange a meeting with one of the professors at GTA prior to the submission deadline?
Please understand that, for reasons of equal chances among all the candidates, we cannot discuss individual projects or conduct personal interviews before our application deadline.

– Do I have to name a supervisor/tutor in my application?
No. Even though every doctoral candidate will be assigned one principal dissertation supervisor at the end of the first year, you don’t need to choose your supervisor prior to applying. All professors of the gta will be involved in the selection process and will participate in phd colloquia and offer supervision.
Information about the professors and ongoing research projects at gta is available on our respective websites: http://www.gta.arch.ethz.ch/chairs-and-departments/overview

– How do I apply?
Please use the link provided on the following website: https://pub.refline.ch/845721/3538/++publications++/1/index.html Online Application, (click on “Apply Now”).
When filling in the online form, you may ignore such questions that do not seem appropriate for your application (e.g. concerning residence permits). Not all fields are obligatory.

– Could you please give me more information regarding the format and length of the outline of the proposed research project and the length of the motivation letter?
Project outline: 4 to 5 pages in which you clearly present your research topic, the key objectives, research questions and specify your approach are appropriate. The outline should refer to relevant literature and confirm to general academic standards. However we do not prescibe the exact format.
Motivation letter: Ca 1 page.

– How may I submit additional documents? How may I submit the letters of recommendation?
Please submit only the documents listed in the call: project outline, letter of motivation, cv, recommendation letters. No additional documents.
Please do not send these documents via mail or email but include them in your online application! You may upload pdfs onto the online-plattform.
Only the letters of recommendation may alternatively send either by email to nina.zschocke (@) gta.arch.ethz.ch or by mail to: ETH Zurich, Mr. Matthias Steiger, Human Resources, 8092 Zürich, CH-Switzerland (- in this case, please specify on the envelope your name and the position your applying to).

– Do I have to pay a fee for applying?
No, there is no application fee.


Dr. phil. Nina Zschocke

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