“Cultures of Play, 1300-1700”
‘The Architectural Review’
Revista de Historia Moderna. Anales de la Universidad de Alicante (30 dec)
Rural Modernity: A Collection of Essays (31 dec)
Yearbook of Moving Image Studies: “Cyborgian Images: The moving image between apparatus and body” (31 dec)
Journal of City, Culture and Architecture (5 jan)
esse magazine Theme: Exhibitions/Expositions (10 jan)
Irish Fine Art in the Early Modern Period (12 jan)
“excellent!” (15 jan)
L’artiste et le musée (15 jan)
Terra Foundation for American Art International Essay Prize (15 jan)
International Journal for Digital Art History (30 jan)
International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics (MCP) Special Issue: Studies in Cultural Memory (30 jan)


The Aesthetics and Politics of Irony (1 mar)
“Acculturations” (31 mar)
Knowing Things: Circulations and Transitions of Objects in Natural History (1 dec)
After Print: Manuscripts in the Eighteenth Century  (15 dec)
Art History and its Audiences (15 dec)
Feminist, Queer & Postcolonial Subjectivities (15 dec)
Charles de La Fosse and art practices in France (15 dec)
Knowledge Transfer and Cultural Exchanges Centre for Global History (CHAM) International Conference (19 dec)
Erased, Replaced, Omitted, Denied: American Art and Negation (20 dec)
Mobility and the Experience of Nature in the 19th Century (22 dec)
Robert Adam and His Brothers: New light on Britain’s leading architectural family (25 dec)
Visions of Education and Beauty (31 dec)
Third Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University (31 dec)
The Urban Thing (2 jan)
Beauté idéologique. La part du beau dans les oeuvres de propagande (5 jan)
Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World, 1400-1800 (7 jan)
History of Architectural Historiography (7 jan)
The Arts and Feeling in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture (9 jan)
Lost and Fragmentary Works of Art (10 jan)
Pictures in Motion: Portraiture around the World during the Long Eighteenth Century (12 jan)
American Artists as Readers, Writers and Literati (15 jan)
Conference: Accelerationism, Speculative Realism and Aesthetics (15 jan)
Maoism, Art, and the New Chinese World Order (15 jan)
Production Sites: Resituating the Culture of Architectural Knowledge (15 jan)
Reconsidering the Origins of Portraiture (15 jan)
Représentation des châteaux royaux en Val de Loire : du lieu de pouvoir au lieu de patrimoine – XIXe-XXIe siècles (16 jan)
2016 SAH Annual International Conference (16 jan)
Crossing the Boundaries XXIII: Cut and Paste (30 jan)
Shared Practices: The Intertwinement of the Arts in the Culture of Socialist Eastern Europe (30 jan)
Second International Forum for doctoral candidates in East European art history Berlin (30 jan)
Villes/Cities – 12th Annual Symposium of the International Medieval Society, Paris (30 jan)
Entangled Histories, Multiple Geographies  (31 jan)
Femmes à la cour de France.  Statuts et fonctions (Moyen Âge – XIXe siècle) (31 jan)
EAHN: Entangles Histories, Multiple Geographies (31 jan)
Política, poder estatal y la construcción de la historia del arte en Europa después de 1945 (31 jan)
SPark: Conservation of sculpture parks (31 jan)



Konferenz: Asienbilder: „Russlands Orient“ und der Ferne Osten in der Geschichte der Fotografie (1 feb)
Feminist Media Theory and Culture  (1 feb)
Between Heaven and Earth: Ecclesiastical Patronage in Europe, 1400-1600 (2 feb)
Drawing Together: Solidarities, Pictures and Politics (15 feb)
Icons and Iconology (15 feb)
Re-Konstruktionen. Stadt, Raum, Museum, Objekt  (15 feb)
Loggia, loggiato, portico. Food, Architecture and Rituality from Medieval Era to Renaissance between Ephemeral and Routine Occasions  (28 feb)


Fertile Spaces, Dynamic Places: Mapping the Cultures of Italy  (31 mar)
Urban Culture (15 may)