IHA-FCSH/NOVA welcomes candidates to the 2015 FCT Investigator Programme

IHA (Art History Institute)-FCSH/NOVA is accepting applications to host researchers applying for the 2015 FCT Investigator Programme.
The FCT Investigator programme aims to support the recruitment of outstanding researchers into Portugal’s R&D centres. Open to scientists of all nationalities, and across research fields, this highly competitive programme targets scientists with exceptional track-records and clear potential to develop innovative research. All researchers holding a PhD degree, of any nationality, and in any research or academic field may apply. Applicants need to be associated to one of the following types of host institutions in Portugal: higher education institutions and their associated research centres; Associate Laboratories; State Laboratories; public or private companies with clearly-defined scientific R&D activities, and other public or private, non-profit organisations that carry out scientific research.
IHA-FCSH/NOVA will consider applications within the areas of Art History: Classical and Late Antiquity Art, Medieval and Early Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Visual Culture, Art Theory, Historiography, Criticism, Art Museums, Exhibitions, History of Collections, Urbanism, Heritage.
Applications must include the candidate’s CV, a research proposal and a career development plan, as well as a letter of intent justifying the project’s adequacy to IHA strategic objectives. The candidate should also clearly identify the type of grant for which he/she is applying. Full application must be sent by e-mail to iha@fcsh.unl.pt until August 31st.
The types of grants are:
  • Starting Grant– aimed at researchers with more than three years and less than eight years post-PhD experience at the time of application. Previous experience of scientific independence is not required;
  • Development Grant– aimed at researchers with a curriculum of exceptional merit and experience as an independent researcher;
  • Consolidation Grant– aimed at researchers with experience as an independent researcher, with a curriculum of exceptional merit and evidence of scientific leadership in a specific area of knowledge.
Note that this application does not replace the online application through FCT’s website.
All information regarding the call for applications is available in the following link: https://www.fct.pt/apoios/contratacaodoutorados/investigador-fct/2015/index.phtml.en