Crossroads of Cultures and Firms – participants

Globalization, or the increased interconnectedness and interdependences of peoples and countries, is generally understood to include two interrelated elements: the opening of borders to increasingly fast flows of goods, services, finance, people and ideas across international borders; and the changes in the system of values and institutional regimes at the international and national levels that facilitate or promote such flows. Globalization has both positive and negative effects, on local economies, cultures, city planning, political systems and human societies themselves around the world.
The objective of this seminar is to discuss the wide range of issues on globalization, mobilizing long term and interdisciplinary perspectives for understanding their characteristics and challenges. The notable case of the Japan-Portugal relations will be singled out, summoning to the general discussion this particular cross-cultural encounter. The seminar will also try to address the best ideas and practices of sustainable growth and prosperity of local and global economies.
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Foto Curvelo

Alexandra Curvelo
Assistant Professor at the Dept. of History of Art, FCSH-NOVA and Researcher of IHA
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Foto Álvaro Ferreira da Silva

Álvaro Ferreira da Silva

Associate Professor of Business History at Nova School of Business & Economics
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Foto Kobayashi

Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Professor of Infrastructure Economics, Graduate School of Management and the Director of the Research Center of Business Administration, Kyoto University
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Foto Ana Fernandes

Ana Fernandes Pinto
Researcher at CHAM – Portuguese Center for Global History at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH/NOVA)
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Foto Inês Carvalho de MatosInês Carvalho de Matos
Art historian and cultural heritage graduate and candidate to a PhD in the University of Coimbra
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Foto Amaro de Matos

João Amaro de Matos
Associate Dean for International Affairs of the Nova School of Business & Economics
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Foto Tsutsumi

Kenji Tsutsumi
Professor of Section of Human Geography, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University (Dr. Lit.)
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Foto Hatori

 Tsuyoshi Hatori
Associate Professor of Department of Environmental Design, Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation at Ehime University
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Foto Tanaka

Naoto Tanaka
Associate Professor of Landscape Design and Planning, Center for Policy Studies and Civil Engineering Department, Kumamoto University
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Foto Nishimoto

Keiko Nishimoto
Professional meeting planner and student of Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
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