Rethinking the Past | International Conference

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Rethinking the Past:

Memory / Archive / Document – Arts and Architecture


8 – 9 November
Lisbon, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


Memory, archive and document are increasingly relevant and prevalent concepts in modern societies. Through re-emergences, re-enactments and re-configurations, memory is pervading daily life and blurring coordinates of time and space to an unprecedented extent. How do Arts and Architecture deal with this? And what is their role in this complex and paradoxical process that sometimes seems to relate the present more to the past than to the future?…
This international conference aims to discuss the cultural uses related to the problematics of memory, archive and document, privileging architecture and artistic practices, and favouring different geographical and methodological approaches.


Keynote Speakers:
Andreas Huyssen (Columbia University)
Ernst Van Alphen (Leiden University)
Catherine David (Centre Georges Pompidou)


No registration required. Free admission.


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