Apresentação do livro de Foteini Vlachou “The Disappointed Writer” | 15 mar.


15 março, 18h15
NOVA FCSH (Auditório 1, Torre B)


No dia 15 de março realiza-se a apresentação e discussão do livro The Disappointed Writer (2019), de Foteini Vlachou, no contexto da conferência internacional Art in the Periphery, co-organizada pelo IHA e o IHC, em homenagem ao trabalho da investigadora. A apresentação terá lugar na mesa-redonda com Terry Smith, Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, Joana Cunha Leal, Alicia Miguélez e Eleonora Vratskidou, moderada por Mariana Pinto dos Santos.
O livro foi publicado com o apoio do IHA.


My first encounter with Foteini Vlachou was marked by the qualities that I later found to be definitive of her approach to her life and work: bold intelligence, fearless self-confidence, independence of thought, and absolute commitment to the discipline of art history as a practice of theory that was, in its essence, a worldly, consequential — indeed, political — project. Later, I was to learn of her other great qualities, not least her openness to experience, her warm-hearted generosity, and her committed collegiality. […]

As this book demonstrates, Foteini Vlachou had been narrating the periphery for some time, and brilliantly so.

Terry Smith, from the introduction: “Periphrasis: Provinces, Margins, Peripheries, Centres — Foteini Vlachou and the decentring of Art History”.


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