Transnational belonging and female agency in the arts | Novo livro co-editado por Basia Sliwinska



Transnational Belonging and Female Agency in the Arts

Basia Sliwinska, investigadora integrada do IHA (grupo CASt), publicou recentemente um livro na Bloomsbury, do qual é co-editora juntamente com Catherine Dormor (Royal College of Art, UK). O volume é dedicado à política do espaço expressa através das práticas artísticas das mulheres.

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Transnational Belonging and Female Agency in the Arts

Basia Sliwinska, integrated researcher at IHA (CASt group), recently published a book at Bloomsbury, which she co-edits with Catherine Dormor (Royal College of Art, UK). 

This publication interrogates the politics of space expressed via women’s artistic practices, which prioritise solidarity and collaboration across borders, imagining attentive geographies of difference. It considers belonging as a manifestation of processes of becoming that traverse borders and generate new spaces and forms of difference. In doing so, the book aims to catalyse mutual social relations founded upon responsibility and response-ability to each other. The transnational framework activates concerns around belonging at a time of intensified divisions, partitioning global narratives, unequal trajectories and increasing violence against bodies of the most vulnerable, largely founded on Eurocentric paradigms of political, economic and cultural superiority.
The contributors engage in a conversation signalling transversal thinking and artmaking in order to articulate and activate ‘in-between’ spaces. This is to welcome co-affective models of belonging that question versatile embodiments of subjectivity as both agentic and as interrelational. Organised around the triangulation of modes of belonging: spatial, affective and collective, overarched by a transnational lens that acknowledges non-hierarchical, local and socially relevant genealogies against universalising politics of globalisation, these essays consider afresh ways in which female agency disrupts borders and activates concerns around different forms of belonging, citizenship and transnationalisms.



(cover) Keren Anavy, Garden of Living Images (2018), general installation view (detail). Courtesy of the artist and Wave Hill. Photographer: Stefan Hagen

(banner) Nieme Szaty Królowej (Queen’s Silent Robes), 10 November 2020, Warsaw, Poland. © Michał Walkiewicz