Call for Papers | 1950-2020: Active Women in the Art Market | until 22 Sep.

Dulce D’Agro na Quadrum, 1989, Fotografia Manuel Valente Alves. Cortesia Arquivo Manuel Valente Alves; Juana de Aizpuru, 1990, Fotógrafo Alberto García-Alix. Cortesia Alberto García-Alix; Lygia Clark na sua exposição na Galeria Bonino, 1960. Fonte: Portal Lygia Clark

Online Autumn Colloquium:

1950-2020: Active Women in the Art Market

Mapping Gallerists, Collectors, Maecenas, Auctioneers, Curators from Iberian Peninsula and Brazil and their contributions to the Global Art System

October 11-12


In the frame of the art market, and encouraged by gender studies, research on active women in the art market is gaining a growing interest within academia. Publications have been increasing (Nochlin, 1988; Herstatt, 2008; Verlaine, 2013; Force, 2020), and new projects are coming out (WADA-Women Art Dealers Digital Archives), contributing to underline the role women have been playing as intermediaries, furtherance the development of the global art markets and its footprint either on the primary and on the secondary art market.
The aim of this Autumn Colloquium is to shed light on women that during their lives have distinguished themselves as intermediaries in the art markets. Gallerists, collectors, Maecenas, auctioneers, and curators have been building a work culturally engaging, in many circumstances socially invisible, that until recently had not yet received much attention in comparison with their male peers. It is a purpose to revert and to make more visible the work of active women that contributed to the birth of the infrastructures of the art market, internationalizing artists, supporting exhibitions, collecting commissioning, and curating.
The timeframe is from 1950 onward, the period where that role is clearly noted. With a geographical focus on Portugal, Spain, and Brazil, countries economically and culturally distinct, these boundaries emphasize their common belonging from the so-called margins of the art market.
We invite proposals from scholars, young scholars, and independent researchers that explore the role women play, in promoting the art market from these geographies. Themes can be as follows but not necessarily limited to:
  1. The role active women played in terms of their contribution to the cultural landscape in the Iberian Peninsula and Brazil;
  2. The network created among intermediaries, gallerists, collectors, and other agents in terms of their contribution to the development of the métier;
  3. The strategies women use to overcome social obstacles imposed on their sex to perform their role;
  4. Patterns identified in the behavior of women in the art market.


Abstract: max 300 words
Short Bio and affiliation: max 250 words
The following languages will be accepted: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Please send proposals to the following email:


Submission of proposals: until September 22, 2023
Notification of acceptance: September 29, 2023
Colloquium: October 11-12, 2023


Adelaide Duarte, IHA-NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST
Bruna Fetter, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Marta Pérez-Ibáñez, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid
Cluster / TIAMSA Subcommittee Art Market and Collecting: Portugal, Spain, and Brazil