Host Institution | NOVA FCSH

The Faculdade de Ciênciais Sociais e Humanas (FCSH) is the largest Portuguese Higher Education and Research institution in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities, covering areas such as Communication and Language Sciences, Artistic and Literary Studies, Philosophy, History and Archaeology, Anthropology, Demography, Geography and Sociology, Political Studies and International Relations, and intersections between these disciplines. Hosting 25 Research Units (RU), 19 of which financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and 14 ranked as “Excellent” or “Very Good”, FCSH pursues teaching and research excellence, both at the national and international levels, with a clear aim to innovation and interdisciplinarity.
There are currently over 200 pure and applied research projects running in those RU, financed by the FCT, by the various programmes of the European Commission and its FP7 Programme and by several other public and private institutions.
Committed to the support and development of all researchers to achieve the highest standards of excellence, FCSH provides academic facilities, such as the ID building, where all the RU work in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, offices and labs, support services and a set of common facilities to all faculty´s members (libraries, R&D Documentation Centre, data-bases).
The Financial Services Office and the Human Resources Office of the FCSH take charge of all issues related to the management of projects (contracts and fellowships, budget, accounting, juridical issues and periodic financial reports). FCSH also has a Research Planning and Support Office to help in the development and implementation of strategies for research, in connection with the goals established by each RU, as well as individually assistance for the FCSH´s researchers. The Research Support Office, in liaison with the Service Procurement Office, offers support in travel arrangements, conference organization, meetings’ preparation and it is also the contact point between the researcher and all the other services of the faculty.
Given the public interest and social implications of its research outputs, FCSH promotes, as part of the FCSH Communication Strategy, initiatives on science outreach, fundraising programmes for research development and media training for researchers. Following the latest requirements towards open access dissemination of research results, FCSH has submitted the project “Rossio” to FCT for the development of an online platform for the dissemination of quality digital content and open access to excellence, as its contribution to the internationalization of the Portuguese Social Science, Arts and Humanities contents.
To strengthen the collaboration with the industry, FCSH is committed to create its own “Innovation Centre” fully dedicated to supporting the creation of science-based companies and knowledge transfer of the Faculty and its RU for companies and other economic actors.