A key objective of IHA’s plan for 2020 is to harden its internationalization. The strategy is based on publishing scientific articles in peer reviewed international journals, first those indexed in databases, which includes Scopus and Web of Knowledge. In parallel, the application for European projects supported by foreign consortiums will allow the dissemination of research produced in our territory in conjunction with the international scientific community. It will also reveal the ability and the know-how to capture funding, outside FCT national agency.
Internationalization strategy will encompass a) researchers mobility, b) engagement in research networks, c) openness of information and d) international visibility.
a) IHA will assist researchers in developing international exchange and cooperation by increasing travel opportunities, not only with financial support but also encouraging researchers’ competitiveness for international scholarships (Marie Curie, Fulbright,etc.). We will also recruit and attract international researchers, particularly researchers from European and Ibero-American countries, in order to ensure diversity of perspectives;
b) IHA is already a full member of 3 research networks, RIHA, INCCA and NeCCAR, through which it develops research and disseminates information. Participation in international networks will also contribute to attract researchers from other countries. Joint PhD programs that facilitate young researchers mobility both to and from IHA will also be developed through some of these networks.
c) Openness of information is a key factor for the next years’ strategy: two applications to the 2013 call for the “National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance” have already been submitted with partners from other institutions, having as main goals the creation of open-access archives, making most of the produced research internationally available.
d) For international visibility IHA will continue its policy of encouragement and support to the submission of articles to prestigious international journals by its researchers. The direction of IHA will also enhance recognition within the Research Unit for internationally focused research by publicizing researcher’s achievements in international focused research. IHA’s Art History Journal will continue to strengthen its position as a highly qualified peer review forum opened to the national and international scientific community.