Cristina Igual Castelló

cristina castello
Name: Cristina Igual Castelló
Professional Category: Professor and Post-Doctoral Researcher at Universitat Jaume I (Castellón, Spain)
Research Project: The royal festivals in Lisbon (1580-1818): ephemeral art and portraits for the Portuguese crown
Supervisor: Susana Varela Flor (IHA-NOVA FCSH / IN2PAST)
Thematic areas: Festivals, Portraiture, Ephemeral Art, Monarchy, Lisbon
Position within IHA: RG Member [Pre-Modern Visual and Material Cultures] as Visiting Researcher



Cristina Igual Castelló is a postdoctoral researcher in History of Art at Universitat Jaume I. She has been Associate Professor since 2015 to 2022 and she has occupied university management positions.
She has read her doctoral thesis on 13 July 2020 with the title Galleries, iconic series and collections of portraits in Valencia. Theory and depiction of power during the Modern era. This research produced several publications as book chapters. One of them is «Retratos de frailes, beatos y venerables del círculo de san Juan de Ribera.» in V. Mínguez and I. Rodríguez (dir.), La Piedad de la Casa de Austria. Arte, dinastía y devoción, (2018, Trea, p. 203-226). Other book chapters as a result of this investigation are «Gozo y llanto por Carlos Clemente, Carlos Eusebio y los infantes gemelos. Fiesta, literatura y arte para mantener la esperanza en la Casa de Borbón.» in M.C. Pinillos and J. Azanza (ed.), Et nunc et semper festa, (2019, University of Navarra, p.167-188) and «Con dos Infantes colma la Real Cuna. The festivals for twin grandchildren of Charles III and for the British peace in 1784.» in O. Rojewski and M. Sobczyńska-Szczepańska (ed.), Court, nobles and festivals. Studies on the Early Modern visual culture, (2019, University of Silesia, p. 125-140).
Her current research project delves into the relation between the portraits and the royal festivals in the Hispanic Monarchy since 1516 to 1808, in particular the study of the connection between portraiture and festivals in Portugal during the Habsburg reign (1580-1640).

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