Miguel Monteiro de Barros

Quoting name: Miguel Monteiro de Barros
Professional Category: Middle and High School Teacher
Position(s) within IHA: SC Member | RG Member [Lisbon Studies]
Thematic areas: History Teaching; Education; Lisbon Studies; Urbanism
Contact: miguelbarros@fcsh.unl.pt
ORCiD: 0000-0003-3766-5535





I am an educator since 1991. I have a degree in History, a post graduation in Education, a master’s degree in History, Defence and International Relations and a PhD in Urban Studies with a thesis about the Lisbon neighbourhood of Saint Joseph. I am, currently, president of the Portuguese History Teachers Association (APH). My personal and professional quest for a fairer way of learning and teaching History, led me to being co-author of several textbooks for students of the secondary level. These textbooks were mainly focused on the analysis and critics of primary sources, when possible, with unusual or colliding viewpoints, trying to provide a voice to those who aren’t usually heard in more traditionally ways of teaching and learning. I was the proposer and co-author of a new discipline, named History, Cultures and Democracy, which, since 2019, is part of the national curricula. This discipline proposes a new way of teaching and learning History, less Eurocentric, based on a multiperspective approach, and with an emphasis on the autonomous work of students.

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SC – Scientific Council; RG – Research Group