Patrícia Roque Martins

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Quoting name: Patrícia Roque Martins
Professional Category: Researcher
Position(s) within IHA: SC Member | RG Member [Museum Studies]
Thematic areas: Accessibility, Disability,  Inclusion, Representation, Identities
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CIÊNCIA ID: C110-0E1F-5905
ORCiD: 0000-0001-6479-0783
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Patrícia Roque Martins is an Assistant Researcher at the Art History Institute (NOVA FCSH), Lisbon, where she develops the project “Disability Narratives: how to (not) explore the otherness in museums and exhibitions? Building up an insight towards improving cultural imaginaries around disabled people”. Previously, she was an Integrated Member at CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Research Center “Culture, Space and Memory” of the University of Porto, where she developed the project “The Representation of Disability in the Museum’s Collections of the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage (DGPC): discourse, identity and sense of belonging”, with an individual post-doctoral grant from FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology (2015/2021). She holds a PhD in Fine Arts, with a specialization in Museology (2015), a Master in Museology and Museography (2008) and a degree in Art History (2001) by the University of Lisbon, Portugal. She was a guest speaker at several scientific events in Portugal and Brazil in the area of ​​accessibility and disability in museums. She published the book “Museums (In) Capacitantes. Deficiência, Acessibilidades e Inclusão em Museus de Arte” (DGPC/Caleidoscópio, 2017), as well as several peer reviewed articles in international journals. Currently, she is a member of the American international network The Inclusive Museum Research Network and the European international network Europeana Network Association.

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SC – Scientific Council;
RG – Research Group