O Lugar do Discurso

O “Lugar” do Discurso

The Site of Discourse

Imagem para página The Site of DiscourseReference: PTDC/CPC-HAT/4894/2012
Funding Institution: FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Starting date: Junho 2013
Ending date: Junho 2015
Website: http://sitediscourse.org/

The project The Site of Discourse intends to identify, analyze, debate and reflect on the editorial culture of the Portuguese architectural periodicals over the 20th century.
The title of the project — The Site of Discourse — has a number of different meanings. First and foremost, it invokes an idea that belongs to architecture itself. The title suggests that this project is about the discourse as well as about the “place” on which such discourse is produced — the architectural reviews and journals. It also invokes a complex grid of configurations about “who” produces, “what” contents involves, and “how” such “site” is constructed.
In fact, this project is grounded on the argument that specialized periodicals of architecture are more than a mere sequence of printed objects. As a totality they embody various discursive and crossed lines, which formed, over time, an editorial culture supported by a network of exchanges between the editors, critics, and architects.
By proposing a distinctive framework that expands the conventional treatments of this theme in Portuguese and international scientific context, this project will study how the editorial culture frames the architectural discourse with a critical reflection based on three focus of analysis: the formal and visual support; the agents and their social web; the discursive contents in its several dimensions — disciplinary, ideological, professional, esthetical, technical, theoretical.


Main Contractor
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (FCSH/NOVA)
Participating Institutions
Main research unit
Instituto de História da Arte (IHA/FCSH/NOVA)


Principal Researcher
Margarida Acciaiuoli de Brito (FCSH/NOVA)
Rute Figueiredo (ETH Zurich/ D-ARCH gta)
Paulo Tormenta Pinto (DINÂMIA’CET/ISCTE-IUL)
Andreia Martins Carvalho (King’s College London)
Inês Brasão (FCSH/NOVA)
João Almeida e Silva (FAUP)
José Bártolo (ESAD)
Margarida Brito Alves (IHA/FCSH/NOVA)
Paulo Tormenta Pinto (DINÂMIA’CET/ISCTE-IUL)
Pedro Castelo (London Consortium)
Rute Figueiredo (ETH Zurich/ D-ARCH gta)
Vítor Alves (FAUP)
António Pizza (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)
Jorge Figueira (DARQ/ FCTUC)
Hugo Segawa (FAU-Universidade se São Paulo)
Manuel Graça Dias (FAUP)
Research Fellows
Catarina Diz de Almeida
Daniela V. de Freitas Simões


Relatório de resultados   |   Results report
A – Relatório Final APROVADO

Os objectivos científicos previstos foram plenamente atingidos. Os resultados evidenciam grande qualidade científica, nomeadamente ao nível das publicações em revistas internacionais com referee. O projecto contribuiu para a formação de jovens investigadores e para a projecção internacional da equipa envolvida.

Within this project, thousands of articles and other texts published in the portuguese architectural periodical press of the 20th century were collected and analyzed in a systematic survey. This fruitful work, conducted in close association with the national College of Architects, is about the relationship between architecture itself and its critical perception, as expressed in specialized published reviews, that become both a source of knowledge and a powerful instrument to shape taste and influence the course of architecture itself. It produced a database, as a result of the thorough analysis of 27 magazines, 3 books, 29 papers, 20 international communications, 10 sessions of debates in 2 cycles (Cover/Themes and Agents). As a highlight of this multidisciplinary work, an international conference took place, under the same name of the project, held in Lisbon in September 2015. This study will become an important milestone and unavoidable reference for the study of portuguese modern architectural culture. A PhD. thesis was initially presented as an expected indicator but it was not realised. No mention or justification of this unfulfillment was provided in the final report.



Gráfico Lugar do Discurso
Synthesis of scientific production
28-30 de September 2015 – The Site of Discourse. Thinking architecture through publication.  International Conference – Banco de Portugal – Money Museum;  Lisbon Cityhall (CML) – Archive Room; MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda
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Website The Site of Discourse
November 2015 – Colloquium ‘Notícias de Arquitectura #1’ – ESAP/CEAA
org. Helena Maia, Rute Figueiredo
Optimistic Suburbia - Lugar do Discurso
“The housing problem in the architecture periodical press: manifest, critic and divulgation [Panel session]
International Conference ‘Optimistic Suburbia’.
May 2015, Lisbon: ISCTE
Rute Figueiredo; Margarida B. Alves (org.)
Website The Site of Discourse
O Lugar do Discurso. Temas e Agentes nas Revistas de Arquitectura. Porto, Dafne Editora, IHA FCSH/UNL, Dinâmia’CET/ISCTE. ISBN 978-989-8217-36-3 [in press]
Website The Site of Discourse
The Site of Discourse. Thinking Architecture through publication: Conference Proceedings. Lisbon, IHA-FCSH/UNL; Dinâmia’CET-ISCTE/IUL [forthcoming 2016]
Imagem Dossier Temático - Lugar do Discurso
Dossier Temático – Revistas de Arquitectura. N. 2, Ordem dos Arquitectos-SRS; IHA/FCSH-UNL; Dinâmia’CET/ISCTE-IUL.
Book of Abstracts – 28-30 de Setembro 2015 – The Site of Discourse. Thinking architecture through publication.  International Conference
Imagem Exposição Thinking Architecture
Thinking Architecture Through Publication
26 Sep. – 10 Oct. 2015, Museu do Dinheiro – Banco de Portugal, Lisbon
Pedro Castelo; Vitor Alves; João Almeida e Silva; Rute Figueiredo (cur.)
Paulo Tormenta Pinto (architecture)
Sérgio Correia (design)
With the kind support of:
Centro Cultural de Belém
Museu do Dinheiro – Banco de Portugal
Ordem dos Arquitectos
Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Imagem Exposição Arquitectura Revista- Lugar do Discurso
Arquitectura Revista
26 Feb. – 10 Apr. 2015, Galeria Quadra, Matosinhos/Porto
José Bártolo; Vitor Alves (cur.)
With the partnership of:
ESAD-Escola Superior Arte e Design /CMMatosinhos
Exposição_25 de Abril_Lugar do Discurso
O 25 de Abril nas revistas de arquitectura
17 – 30 May. 2014, Átrio Edifício ISCTE, Lisbon
Paulo Tormenta; Ana Vaz Milheiro (cur.)
Ciclo de Debates Capas Agentes - Lugar do Discurso
Cycle ‘Cover/Themes’ / Cycle ‘Agents’
2014 – 2015
In partnership with Ordem dos Arquitectos/ Portuguese College of Architects, Lisbon
It was proposed the creation of opening moments for debate and critical reflection, structuring two cycles of sessions: Cover/Themes; and Agents. In the cycle COVER/THEMES, it was defined a set of 6 sessions around relevant themes published in the covers of the architectural magazines during the period in analysis. In the Cycle AGENTS the team organized 4 sessions, in which the idea of “agency” was taken as a starting point in the construction of the edited “discourse”.
The Site of Discourse - Apresentação do projecto
 The site of discourse — Is it architecture?
Architecture Lisbon Triennial “Close/ Closer”/Associated Project
12th Dec. 2013, Ler Devagar, Lisbon
Taking the central challenge suggested by the 2013’s edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, the Site of Discourse contributed to this large-scale debate as an associated project. This was the first public presentation of the project, in which the team members and some advisors promoted a discussion on the editorial culture of Portuguese architectural periodical press taken the following questions as starting points: To what extent could the “site” of discourse be regarded as an architectural “site”? Are the architectural “site” limits redrawn, fixed or transgressed by the “site” of the discourse?
Website The Site of Discourse
Website of project The Site of Discourse