View of Graciela Carnevale’s 1968 action Encierro (Confinement), Rosario, Argentina. Courtesy of the artist.


The Exhibition: Histories, Practices, Policies | Datasheet

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Joana Baião, Leonor de Oliveira e Susana S. Martins

Interview with Terry Smith

Carlos Garrido Castellano [pp. 12-31]



Remembering exhibitions online: microsites and catalogues raisonnés
Reesa Greenberg [pp. 34-47]

Exhibition view. The primary sources of exhibition history: the example of the Catalogue Raisonné of the Centre Pompidou’s Exhibitions
Rémi Parcollet [pp. 48-61]


Resistance to theory: the ideology of “the curatorial” and the history of exhibitions
Felix Vogel [pp. 64-77]

The publication as evocation: exhibition histories’ printed matter
Catalina Imizcoz [78-91]

Exhibition views: towards a typology of the installation shot
Kathryn M. Floyd [pp. 92-109]

Biennials, there and here: thinking about the “Venetian formula” and the São Paulo Biennial in the 1960s
Maria de Fátima Morethy Couto [pp. 110-125]

The closed exhibition: when form needs a break
Ana Bilbao [126-143]

More for Less: art, language and the corporation in inn7o:Art and Economics exhibition (1971-72) at the Hayward Gallery, London
Katherine Jackson [144-157]

Peculiar relationships on display: Belgian art exhibitions in Philadelphia and Buenos Aires in 1882 and 1887
Laurens Dhaenens [158-175]

“L’Immenso Seicento”. The 1922 Florence exhibition of Italian Seicento art and the politics of Caravaggio studies
Sandro Debono [176-185]

The past and the future display of the slide-based artwork. Slides de Cavalete (1978-1979) by Ângelo de Sousa
Joana Silva, Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria de Jesus Ávila, Ana Maria Ramos [pp. 186-203]


James Voorhies. Beyond Objecthood: The Exhibition as a Critical Form since 1968
Emília Ferreira [pp. 206-207]

Amy Sodaro. Exhibiting Atrocity: Memorial Museums and the Politics of Past Violence
Patrícia Melo [pp. 208-211]

Foteini Vlachou. The Disappointed Writer: Selected Essays
Leonor de Oliveira [pp. 212-214]



pp. 215-222



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