Rita Barreira

Quoting name: Rita Barreira
Professional Category: PhD Candidate
Title of PhD project: PIGS: Espaços de Exaustão como Práticas Artísticas no Sul da Europa
Supervisor: Cristina Pratas Cruzeiro, IHA-NOVA FCSH/IN2PAST Advisor: Margarida Brito Alves, IHA-NOVA FCSH/IN2PAST
Position(s) within IHA: RG Member [Contemporary Art Studies]
Thematic areas: Spatial Practices; Critical Theory; Southern Europe; Public Art
Contact: ritabarreira@fcsh.unl.pt
CIÊNCIA ID: 511B-18E8-3C7C
ORCiD: 0000-0001-6318-4482


I am a PhD candidate in Artistic Studies – Art and Mediations at NOVA FCSH with the project “PIGS: Spaces of Exhaustion as an Artistic Practice in Southern Europe”. My research is focused on Spatial Practices in the specific geography of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain from 2008 to 2022. I territorialize the racist acronym PIGS with social art practices under the lens of critical theory, politics and art history. 
I am a researcher at the Art History Institute, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. I participate in the research group CASt (Contemporary Art Studies) and in the cluster Performance Art & Performativity in Arts.

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RG – Research Group