Susana Gaspar

Full name: Susana Rita Carvalho Gaspar
Quoting name: Susana C. Gaspar
Professional Category: PhD Candidate; Professor (ESEL/IPL)
Title of PhD Project: “Arte e Direitos Humanos: a influência de práticas artísticas na agenda dos direitos humanos (de 2011 à atualidade)” [Supervisor: Cristina Pratas Cruzeiro, IHA/NOVA FCSH; Advisor: Elsa Lechner, CES-Coimbra]
Thematic areas: [PT] Artes; Direitos Humanos; Ativismo Artístico
Position(s) within IHA: RG Member [Contemporary Art Studies]
ORCiD: 0000-0002-7212-5940


Susana C. Gaspar is a PhD candidate in Artistic Studies – Art and Mediations at NOVA FCSH, following a research on the intersections between art and human rights. She holds a degree in Cultural Sciences – Communication and Culture and MA in Artistic Education – Theatre in Education. She is also a Professor at Lisbon Superior School of Education (IPL – ESELx) and a theater artist and activist that bases her work in devising theatre and documentary theatre premises. She works as an artistic educator and project manager, commonly with community theater and human rights. She was Chair of the Board in Amnesty International Portugal from 2015 to 2017.

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RG – Research Group