ARE – Artists and Radical Education


Anna Bella Geiger, Circumambulatio, 1972. Detalhe.











Project: ARE – Artists and Radical Education
Full title: Artists and Radical Education in Latin America (1960s-1970s) 


Reference: FI/00537/2015
Starting Date: 01 November 2018
Ending Date: 31 January 2022


The research project “Artists and Radical Education in Latin America (1960s-1970s)” aims at exploring the relations between art and experimental pedagogy in the Latin-American region in the 1960s and 1970s. More specifically, it is set to examine projects led by women artists in this particular frame, thus critically contributing to the investigation of women´s engagement in the field of contemporary art education.
Conceived as a radical site of individual and collective emancipation at a time of political oppression in many countries of this area, the creation of pedagogic projects by artists, often founded in a symbolic break with the institutional space of the classroom or the museum, developed in multiple and heterogeneous directions. Based on archival research and interviews, this project seeks to investigate a number of collective experiences that blurred the boundaries between artistic practices and teaching, between individual and collective work, while often claiming a wider, more democratic definition of creativity and the capacity of art to intervene in social and psychological processes.


Main scientific domain: Humanities – Arts
Scientific sub-domain: Art History


Key-words: Contemporary art; Art history; Art Education; Radical pedagogy


Funding: FCT – 50 000 euros


Main research Unit: Instituto de História da Arte (IHA/NOVA FCSH)
Main contractor: Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas (NOVA FCSH)


Giulia Lamoni IR (IHA/NOVA FCSH)
Margarida Brito Alves  (IHA/DHA/NOVA FCSH)
Research Fellows:
Cristiana Tejo BI (IHA/NOVA FCSH)



Hey Teacher! Art, Education and Politics
Cycle of webinars with women artists and teachers
21 Oct. 2021 – 17 Jan. 2022

Seminar “Feminism, Women and Art Schools”
with Hilary Robinson, Professor of Feminism, Art and Theory, Director of the Centre for Doctoral Training: Feminism, Sexual Politics, and Visual Culture, Loughborough University (U.K.)
22 Oct. 2019


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