50th Anniversary of L’Amour de l’Art: Debts, Criticism and Challenges


Conference in the 50th Anniversary of L’Amour de l’Art: Debts, Criticism and Challenges
24 November 2016
The 50th anniversary of the first edition of L’Amour de l’Art: Les musées et leur public, by Pierre Bourdieu and Alain Darbel, plays the starting point for this conference, which is intended to reflect upon the current developments in the areas of publics and the evolution of museums, having in mind the intersection between the disciplines of Sociology and Museology.
The aims of this conference are:
– Critical update of Bourdieu’s contribution for the study of publics in art museums;
– Identification of the evolution so far and of the challenges ahead in what concerns research about museum goers;
– Problematization of Bourdieu’s pattern in face of public politics for culture.
Keynote speaker:
Foto Laurie HanquinetLaurie Hanquinet, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at The University of York (UK)
Laurie Hanquinet’s main fields of interest are sociology of culture and art. Her publications focus on cultural institutions, socio-cultural inequalities and urban dynamics of cultural participation. She is the author of the book Du musée aux pratiques culturelles(Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2014) and the editor of theRoutledge International Handbook of the Sociology of Art and Culture (2016) with Mike Savage.
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