Museum Studies

MuSt 2



RG Coordinator

Susana S. Martins






Integrated members

Adelaide Duarte

Adelaide Duarte


Alexandra Curvelo

carlos silveira

Carlos Silveira

Clara Frayao Camacho

Clara Camacho

Dóris Santos

Dóris Santos


Emília Ferreira

Helena Barranha

Hugo Xavier foto

Hugo Xavier

Maria Isabel Falcão

Isabel Falcão

Joana d'Oliva Monteiro

Joana d’Oliva Monteiro

José Oliveira

José Oliveira



Leonor de Oliveira


Lúcia Matos

Luís Soares

Luís Soares

Maria Luísa Duarte Santos

Luísa Duarte Santos

Margarida Elias

Margarida Elias

Maria Joao Vilhena Carvalho

Maria João Vilhena Carvalho

mariana-carrolo.jpgMariana Carrolo

Mariana Roquette Teixeira

Mariana Roquette Teixeira

Patrícia Roque Martins foto

Patrícia Roque Martins


Raquel Henriques da Silva

Rita Macedo

Rita Macedo


Sandra Leandro


Sandra Santos

Sandra Vieira Jürgens

Sandra Vieira Jürgens

sara antónia

Sara Antónia Matos

Stefanie Gil Franco








PhD students

Ana Lanita

Daniela Simões foto

Daniela Simões


Filipa Coimbra

Francisco Cambim

Francisco Cambim

Gabriel Marques

Inês Silvestre

Jorge Costa

Jorge Costa

Marta Branco Guerreiro

Rita Maia Gomes

Rita Maia Gomes


Sónia Moura





Other collaborators

Álvaro Notario Sanchez  |  Fernando Montesinos  |  Hélia Marçal  |  Inês Quintanilha  |  Inês Moreira  |  Joana Baião  |  Lígia Afonso  |  Sofia Gomes  |  Ughetta Molin Fop



Exhibition Histories and Documentation
Art Market and Collecting
New Models for Curatorship
Safeguarding Unstable Archives



The research group MuSt – Museum Studies was launched in 2007, by Raquel Henriques da Silva (NOVA FCSH) and Lúcia Matos (Universidade do Porto), aiming at creating an important and necessary academic space for Museum Studies in Portugal. The group has constantly grown since its creation, and it now comprises a team of more than 25 doctorate researchers, including professors, postdoctoral fellows and museum experts and professionals. Its vitality is also reflected in a large number of junior and doctoral researchers (currently 10).
Despite its diversity, MuSt is a cohesive group: recent results are regularly shared amongst researchers at all career levels in the Annual Group Meeting that takes place by turns in Lisbon or Porto. Coordinated by Susana Martins, MuSt follows a project-based organisation and also hosts 2 recently formed Clusters: ‘Art Market and Collecting’ and ‘Curating Contemporary Cultures’.
Research-wise, MuSt promotes rigorous, high-level inquiries in the expanded field of museum studies. Its activities cover topics as different as the history and theory of museums and exhibitions, artistic and museological policies, national representations in international events, documentation of contemporary art, photography and identity on display, art market and collections, virtual museology, curatorship or digital humanities. In the past years, the group has been able to successfully attract project partners from key society spheres and secure multi-source funding.
MuSt focuses on the following objectives: a) reinforce internationalization levels, through new partnerships, networks, and international conferences; b) increase the rate and the ambition of projects submission; c) foster institutional collaboration, namely with museums and collections; d) improve the strategy of scientific publication; e) bridge the gap between university and society; f) encourage participation of researchers in teaching and supervision.